Album Cover Design for Tyrell Witherspoon


Album cover design for Tyrell’s next single – One Step Closer.
I made 6 samples for him, the voting is on (May 15, 2012)

For the first 3 Purple-space Tyrell covers, I didn’t touch the background much because it would be a nice natural effect for the space theme – a lot of high contrast dots representing glitters & stars. The background stripes were inspired by Tyrell’s t-shirt.

For the 3 white Tyrell covers, I tried to make it as chic as possible; the color halftone filter was a great element. I really liked the original photograph’s cool shadow. However, I had to cut the photography to fit in the square(12″x12″, 800px x 800px, 1500px x 1500px). I found two sexy background images online and tweaked the tone & saturation. The blue background was a bit personal preference.

Core colors: Purple, Orange

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